Midsummer in Kimitoön

Midsummer program in Kimitoön

Get to know local midsummer traditions in our villages, and participate in raising the Maypole! Here are some tips for midsummer celebrations.


Thursday 23rd June

  • Decorating of the Maypole in Kasnäs at approx. 17.00-19.00
  • The Maypole in Hitis (next to the church) is decorated at 18.00. Please bring your gloves and secateurs.

Friday 24th June

  • Raising of the Maypole in Kasnäs at 12 noon. Program; live music, games and coffee serving.
  • Traditional midsummer lottery in Vårdkasen, Västanfjärd!
    The Maypole is raised at 13.30, and the lottery ticket sale starts at 14.00. Top prizes: gas grill and a Eugenia yacht cruise to Örö island. Coffee, and program for children.
  • Raising of the Maypole in Hitis (next to the church) at 14.00. Gathering at 13.30.

Saturday 25th June

  •  Banda Caribe Helsinki
    Do you fancy midsummer dancing in Cuban style led by a Cuban dance teacher? 
    Cold beverages, tasty food, salsa cha cha cha ... and free entry. Welcome!

Food and drinks

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