Autumn in the Archipelago

Summer in the archipelago ends with a stunning explosion of colors. In Finnish, you say 'Ruska', and everyone knows what you mean - the massive spectrum of red, yellow and orange leaves of the trees and the deep soft light from the low sun.The archipelago and the Kimitoön area is a perfect getaway place for spending relaxing time in the nature at this time of the year.

Kolaugnar i Dalsbruk.Taalintehtaan kolauunit.
Två personer som ser ut mot vattnet. Kaksi henkilöä jotka katsovat merta päin.
Masugnsträsket på hösten. Masuuninjävi syksyllä.


Autumn in the air
Just as some Finns return to work after their summer holidays, the season shifts into what many thinks is the most beautiful time in the archipelago. Autumn is silent, soft and friendly, but sometimes also energetic with strong winds and rain. The shifting meditative peacefulness and fierce energy of the Finnish autumn is something quite special. Many like to sit in their raincoats on a cliff enjoying the stormy views of the sea in a real autumn storm, others gather their families in front of the cottage fireplace to play boardgames and tell stories. This is a time to experience the changes in nature by enjoying the much praised forest and seaside walking trails and bicycle trails of the area.    


Solnedgång vid vattnet. Mökki metsässä veden ärellä.
Stuga på Vänö. Mökki Vänössä.
Vassa som svajar i vinden. Kaisla joka leijuu tuulessa.


Cottage life
Speaking about cottage fireplaces - there is no better way to get your family together than going together to a beach or forest cottage far from everything else than the overwhelming nature. Do leave your mobile phones in the car and load the big bag with board games, marshmallows and carving knives - this is an golden opportunity for time together that your children or friends will never forget. See the accommodation and cottages of the area here! 

Höstdimma. Syysusva.
Man som vandrar i naturen. Mies joka vaeltaa luonossa.
Höst i skogen. Syksy metsässä.


The Right to Roam - Pick berries and mushrooms
In Finland, the right to roam freely is something we are born with, and of course something we include all our visitors in! Just a few steps from your cottag door, you will find blueberries and  mushrooms to fill your buckets with and make fantastic treats of. The right to roam includes walking around in the nature everywhere where you do not disturb the house inhabitans - walking very close to yards, houses and private house beaches should be avoided, but the forests, cliffs and wild beaches of the area all welcome you to explore and enjoy the nature!


Kantareller. Kantarelleja.
Stuga i skogen vid vattnet. Mökki metsässä veden äärellä.
Lingon. Puolukoita


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