Coastal Route, bicycling in the Finnish Archipelago

The costal route is a 200 kilometer long scenic cycling route which takes you from the city of Salo all the way to the beautiful islands of Rosala, Hitis, Högsåra, Örö and Kasnäs, by ferty to the Nordic countries' talles lighthouse Bengtskär, through the beautiful scenic penisula of Hanko to Ekenäs, and north through Mathildedal ironworks village back towards Salo. The route is well suited for all sorts of bikes except for racing bikes since you are riding mostly along small country roads. A few kilometers of the route goes along forest paths. The route passes through Teijo National Park and continues to the south all the way out to the Archipelago National Park.

The route is well suited for those who are not in a hurry and want to enjoy the idyllic scenery and sights along the way. You will pass beautiful sceneries, forests, lakes, but also bed and breakfasts , coastal beaches and villages. For those who would rather pitch a tent there are several campsites in forest areas. The route passes through the historical ironworks villages of Kirjakkala, Teijo, Mathildedal and Dalsbruk, the Kasnäs archipelago center, Bengtskär lighthouse.

On the Coastal Route website you will find a map of the route with the accommodation, restaurants, sights and boat routes marked.<