Café Adéle

In Café Adèle you will experience the atmosphere from the Blue Hall in Villa Sagalund. It is there that the author Adèle Weman would meet with her artist friends for literary feasts with poetry and music. The museum's café offers delicious homemade cakes and cookies from the 1910s when ordered in advance.

Café Adéle offers a hardy lunch on weekdays and organises parties, celebrations and meetings. We can even arrange a high tea with a turn-of-the-century like atmosphere in the company of Adèle herself or her housekeeper if you want!

In the same building you will find Sagalunds museum. Sagalund is a museum, a garden, and a centre for the region's heritage and culture - a piece of embodied poetry, according to the words of founder Nils Oskar Jansson. Here you will find different buildings from the Kimito Islands' history: a courthouse, a cottage, a farm and two old schools etc. Everything is located in a woodsy garden established in 1900.

In addition to Café Adèle, in the main building of Sagalund you will find Oskar's hall with some funny and interesting exhibits.

Opening Hours on weekdays 11.00 - 16.00. Lunch will be served between 11.00 - 14.00.

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