Date: 03/07/2019 12:00 - 21/07/2019 15:00

Venue: Pedagogivägen 9, Kimito

Arkipelag Workshop ry is an artists' workshop based in Kemiönsaari, western Finland. We provide studio space for various visual artists. Our workshop in situated in the middle of an idyllic country landscape, in a 100 years old wooden school building, Ateljé Tjuda Pedagogio. The aim of our association is to ensure that artists in the archipelago have the possibility of continous work, as well as teaching art to children and adults in the area. Arkipelag Workshop ry has been active in local arts and culture since 2001. Our aim is to make art and cultural services available in the country side by giving courses and exhibitions. We have co-operated with Kemiönsaari municipality for several years, offering more diverse and specialised art teaching. 

Our member artists take actively part in exhibitions as well as art associations. In addition, we co-operate with different artists and communities internationally. We also offer working spaces for artists who are not members. Our studio has e.g. various equipment for graphic art. The building includes a comfortable space for overnight stay, as an artist in residence action.


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Pedagogivägen 9, 25700 Kimitoön, Finland




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Event: From 03/07/2019 12:00 to 21/07/2019 15:00