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You don't need to go to far away lands for a unique holiday experience. Forget the hectic tourist traps in the South and enjoy the beautiful scenery instead here in Finland! Rosala, located off of the Kimito Island, is in the Archipelago National Park and offers you beautiful nature year round. The sparkling sea, beautiful scenery, walks through pine forests, excursions to nearby islands and islets as well as the ability to find your next big catch has attracted visitors from far away to return to the island year after year. We offer families, groups, companies, and school classes the same unique and peaceful vacation experience.

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Accommodation in a cottage

We can offer you many different accommodation options so you can be sure that you will find an option that best fits your needs. Larger cottages in a quiet woodland setting are suitable for longer visits whereas our bed & breakfast cottages on the beach are best for shorter stays. Road access to the cottages and the sparkling sea is just a short distance away. The cottages are fully equipped with all of the necessities to ensure that you will fully enjoy your vacation.

40m2 cabins

2 pcs. fully furnished, built in 1994, about 40 m2 cabins with 2 bedrooms, kitchenette, kitchen, sauna and outdoor terrace. The cottages are equipped with electric heating, mini kitchen, TV, utensils, and linens (included in your rental). In the sauna there are hot water heaters and an electric oven. Water is sourced locally from a drilled well.

For shorter visits, we can also offer 2 pcs. furnished, four-person cabins with a view of the sea. The cottages are equipped with a small kitchen with cooking utensils, refrigerator, microwave and television so that they are more comfortable for longer stays. There is running water and an outdoor Bio WC. Boat and sauna (20m away) are included in the price.

For shorter stays we also offer a bed and breakfast option. We have 6 cottages with sea views. Close by to the cottages there is a shared facility with sauna, grill and kitchen. Outdoor Bio WC. Boat and sauna (20m away) are included in the price.

Ex Maritime Museum

The museum's diverse exhibitions tells of peoples struggle to get their daily bread during the 1900s in the Hitis archipelago.


Get a glimpse at the history of fishing in the archipelago. Here you will find a great variety of articles related to the fishing industry such tools and old engines. The museum also has a large collection of photograph's of the area's salmon and fishing trawlers.


Pictures of local people who participated in our most recent wars, as well as fallen survivors are on display as are many other portraits in the collections. The photographs are plentiful and offer an in-depth account of how life has been here in the archipelago.


The museum's exhibition of the time of prohibition deserves a special mention. It is worth a visit to come and see the custom-made spirits torpedoes.

Other subjects

Among other interesting items include old sewing machines, coffins, navigation equipment, Russian maps, blocks, etc. The museum was opened 2 August 2003 by the Minister Jan-Erik Enestam and remains open through telephone-made agreements (see left)

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