Biskopsö Nature Trail

Nature trail on Biskopsö, 4 km

The island of Biskopsö with its impressive forests and marshes is a fantastic place to visit. You can experience the beautiful forests by walking the five-kilometre long nature trail.
To get to the start of the trail, you have to walk 1.1 km from the ferry jetty along a dirt road. The ring route itself is 2.9 kilometres long. You will find information about the path posted on the mailbox at the ferry boat jetty and the mailbox on Slätberget. The smooth mountain of Slätberget is the starting point and the end point of the trail.



Those walking along this nature trail are immediately/momentarily embraced by the ancient forest. The trail runs through dark, mossy spruce forests and then into more open, pine clad hilly areas. The forest area is interspersed with small marshes, lakes and streams. Growing along the path many funnel chanterelles and other edible mushrooms can be found - so it pays to take a basket with you.

From the nature trail, a 400m long detour takes you to Högberget. On the mountain, there is a place to rest and a 47m high viewing tower. From the tower, there is a panoramic view of the archipelago and in clear weather you can see all the way to Bengtskär's lighthouse! Here it pays to stay awhile to enjoy the view and perhaps a picnic basket.

The nature on Biskopsö is very significant and valuable, particularly the small lakes and tidal pools along the shore are important geologically, botanically, zoologically and from the point of view of the landscape. These tidal pools and shallow inland lakes are various stages in the phenomenon called isostatic recovery/ land elevation, and this rise in the coastline causes areas of the sea to be separated from the actual sea. Therefore, part of the island is a nature conservation area. The Great Moss Marsh which lies inside the nature trail is almost completely overgrown and the small open water areas in the middle of the white moss are the only reminder that this is a marshland area. Hikers can also often hear the cries of the cranes from the marsh.

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  • Difficulty Accessible
  • Service Observation tower
  • Starting Point Biskopsö hamn
  • Lenght (km) 5,6 km
  • Trail markings Vita markeringar
  • Direction Anticlockwise