Högland nature trails, 0,2-1,1 km

Högland nature trail, 0,2-1,1 km

Högland's magnificent siluette reaches on the highest point 47 m above sea level. The island is known amoung boatersusing the Gullkrona waters. The island has two nature trails. The trails start from the north side of the island, next to the guest dock in the bay called "Hemviken". It's also perfect and easy to leave your kayak on the isalnds beach. Next to the beach there's a camping site with a toilet and fireplace. The everymans' right is limited on Högland because the island belongs to the Archipelago National Park.

The short 200 m long trail tells the story of the crofters that lived on the island and goes around the old croft on the island. On the field you can find remaingings from two buildings and a "Ryssugn" a simple oven built with stones during the 16th century. During the summer sheep graze the grassfield and keep the grass short and green. You can also find blooming colourful flowers on the island during the summer months. 

The long nature trail is 1,1 km and starts by going up to the observation spot on the mountain. The trail continues between the mountains to a valley. The steepest parts of the trail has stairs to make the hike easier. Between tha mountains you can find a small forest field with alders. When the rays of the sun reaches trough the trees the spot is beautiful and atmospheric. The last part of the trail goes by the beach, hills and cliffs before it goes back to where it started.   

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  • Starting Point Högland excursion harbour
  • Lenght (km) 0,2-1,1 km
  • Difficulty Difficult