The Stone labyrinth “Maiden´s Dance” at Jarlsgård

The forest path takes you to the top of the hill where you will find a large stone labyrinth, called a Maiden’s Dance. It is said that the Maiden’s Dance was built by the students and teachers of Kälkestad folk school in 1910. However, it is thought that there was possibly a Maiden’s Dance previously in this place.

There are two different ways you can get to the Maiden’s Dance at Jarlsgård. You can combine the ring road by walking part of the way along the main road. The ring road route is about 2 km long, with half of the route going through fields and forests. On Sirnäsvägen road you will find signposts at both ends of the road. The signposts show the way to the way to the Maiden’s Dance. The route itself is indicated with white trail marks.

You can also visit The Lammala Nature Trail which is located nearby.

More information ...

  • Starting Point Sirnäsvägen, Västanfjärd
  • Lenght (km) 1-2 km
  • Trail markings Vita märken
  • Difficulty Normal
  • Direction Anticlockwise