Örö 6" -trail 4.7 km

Örö has two nature trails, one on the north side named 12mm-trail and the other on the south side named 6"-trail. By walking the marked trails you get to know every corner of the island. Both trails start at the same place and it's possible to combine the trails. You reach the beginning of the trails from the guest harbour by walking by the 12mm bracks area to the cobbled road "Lyhyt Ikävä".

The trail can be walked clockwise or counterclockwise. If you walk the trail counterclockwise it starts from the point where both of the trails cross, and goes alongside the road "Soldathemsvägen". The trail turns from the road when it reaches a building called "Silmä" and continues to a forested wet meadow and from there to "Solkuro" beach. "Solkuro"  is the only beach bathing site on both of the trails. It's perfect for relaxing and enjoying a swim in the reshresing sea on a hot summerday. 

From the beach the trail goes to the 6" barack, from where you can take a detour alongside the cobbled road to the 6" battery on the islands' south tip. It's possible to see the outer archipelago and in the horizon The lighthouse of Bengtskär from the battery.  During the spring and fall the south tip of the island is a perfect for watching the migratory birds.  

The trail continues alonside the western beach where you find an open sand beach. On the western beach you find an imaginative archipelago forest where the spruces have been formed by the fall storms. Many rare and vulnearable plant species grow outside of the trail and thereby it's important not to walk outside of it. The trail reaches the starting point by walking by the shooting range to the cobbled road "Lyhyt ikävä". 

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More information ...

  • Lenght (km) 4,7 km
  • Trail markings Blue markings
  • Direction Not specified
  • Difficulty Normal
  • Service Information signs, Dry toilet, Pause table, Swimming place