Örö 120 mm -trail, 5.1 km

Örö has two nature trails, one on the north side named 12mm-trail and the other on the south side named 6"-trail. By walking the marked trails you get to know every corner of the island. Both trails start at the same place and it's possible to combine the trails. You reach the beginning of the trails from the guest harbour by walking by the 12mm bracks area to the cobbled road "Lyhyt Ikävä".

The 120 mm -trail can be walked clockwise or counterclockwise. If you walk the 120 mm-trail counterclockwise, you start by walking trough a semi-detached house area and then continuing alongside the beach "Storviken". There you find Örö's most representative wet meadow, which has been restored through disforesting. The trail continues through the archipelago forest before it reaches an open field. From the field it's highly recommended to climb up the stairs to the mountain to enjoy the fantastic view and check out the cannon. 

From the field the trail carrys on alongside the cobbled road to the islands north part and the fortifications. From the fortifications you can see the Örö bay and if you're lucky, grey seals on the nearby cliffs.  After the fortifications the trail reaches the western sand- and gravel beaches. The western side is always windy and from there you can feel the forces of nature even on a calm day. The powerful open water waves have thrown driftwood all the way up to the edge of the forest. 

The trail continues alongside the beach to Batavia's forest swamp and further to the 120mm-battery's wonerful ruins. From there the trail reaches the old shooting range, where the island's most valuable butterfly poulation can be found. By following the cobbled road "Lyhyt Ikävä" you reach the starting point. On both sides of the cobbled road, you find open fields filled with rare plant species. 

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More information ...

  • Lenght (km) 5,1 km
  • Trail markings Red markings
  • Direction Not specified
  • Difficulty Normal
  • Service Information signs, Dry toilet, Pause table