Linsno nature trail on Holma island, 2 km

On the island holma there are two different types of nature trails that are marked with information boards. The paths are partly in the Skärgårdshavets Nationalparks area and they are marked starting from the village Holma.To get to the beginning of the Linsno nature trail, you will have to walk from the ferry pier along a marshland path and through the village Holma. The distance to the beginning of the trail is about 600 m. The actual nature trail is about 600 m long and the information boards tells about the surrounding cultural landscape.

There is also a 100 m long detour to a hill. The route will be a total of a few kilometers. Except the detour, the trail passes over smooth meadows and is easily passable. Summertime the meadows floral splendor charms the hiker.  You can also encounter grazing sheep.

More information ...

  • Starting Point Holma harbour
  • Lenght (km) 2 km
  • Trail markings wooden markings
  • Direction Not specified
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Service Information signs