Canoeing at Stora Masugnsträsket

About 700 meters from Dalsbruk you can find the fabulous Stora Masugnsträsket -lake, which is surrounded by rocks and forests. Northern parts of the lake are completely uninhabited.

You can rent canoes for exploring the lake springs and autumns from the Wahlsten shop (phone  +358 2 466 1360, +358 44 543 5983) by the market square, during the summer months the guest harbor office handles the renting +358 440 221 321.  Price is 30€ for a two person canoe per day (for less than 4 hours, 15€ / canoe). Besides of the canoe, you will receive also paddles, life vests (both children and adult sizes are available), a map as well as a waterproof bag for your belongings.

There are birds that nest by the lake, so please do not enter the areas marked with red between April 15 and July 31.

The route around the lake is about 6 km. We recommend that your tour would last at least 4 hours for being able to enjoy the lake fully, and have time for landing for picnicing and resting.

A map over the lake is available here.