Dalsbruk - Taalintehdas


Dalsbruk is a society that is strongly influenced by its long history as a factory town and its place by the Archipelago Sea. The proximity to the sea is important to this community- during the summer the town is filled with boaters and summer guests. Dalsbruk is the largest community in the old Dragsfjärd municipality which is now a part of the Kimito Islands municipality. 

Today, Dalsbruk is a popular destination for tourists. With its historic and beautiful environment, beautiful harbour, hotels and restaurants, there is so much that appeals to visitors. The Baltic Jazz festival (www.balticjazz.com) which takes place annually in early July, is the largest local public event. On Wednesdays year round, you will find local vendors at the market-square from 9-13. During the summer, the market-square is an especially popular meeting point with some thirty vendors and a lot of local and visiting shoppers.