Live like a local

Live like a local - these tips make you feel like a true kimitoöbo!

1. Libraries

Didn’t have time to brush up your Swedish/Finnish before your arrival? Libraries in Finland are world-class, and Kimitoön is no exception. Start your day at one of the four local libraries for checking kids’ picture books or dictionaries to catch up the most essentials. Read more about libraries.explore bibban

2. Amosparken

Feeling sporty? Check out the ongoing activities at Amosparken and join the fun. If football och beach volley are not your thing, try out disc golf or hiking at the marked forestroutes.


3. Farm Shops

Don’t forget to grab fresh veggies, fruits and berries from one of the local gardens. Strawberry season is as its hottest in early June, followed by blueberries and lingonberries.
Several locations, please see all farm shops.

explore gardsbutiker

4. Take a dip

Go for a refreshing morning swim or lay on the beach all day to enjoy the sunshine. See all swimming beaches.
Would you rather go swimming in the winter? A dip in ice-cold water is nice and refreshing after an active day! You can try winter bathing in Labbnäs.

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5. Try Sauna

You can’t leave Kimitoön without visiting at one of its saunas. Ruukin Sauna has served as a public sauna since 1902. If you prefer to bathe with locals, Friday evenings are your choice. Otherwise you can book your sauna shift from morning until evening.


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