Örö - Fortress island

After 100 years as a closed military fortress, Örö is now open for visitors.

Örö island has a lot of forest, sand and pebble beaches, spectacular peninsulas, fine natural grass fields and heaths. 

Visit Örö with your own boat. A new Marina with 70 berths is being built. You can also choose to come with the sailing Eugenia, with a transport motor boat or even by fast RIB-boat.

Örö has a one of a kind nature and history. Örö has two nature trails, one on the north side named 12mm-trail and the other on the south side named 6"-trail. By walking the marked trails you get to know every corner of the island.

The building work at Örö island started in 1915. Most of the old artillery constructions are now open for visitors. Guided history and nature tours are arranged daily during the summer months. On the nature trails you can enjoy historical objects like: the baracks and heavy artillery bettry, fortifications on the northern tip, the grenade launcher hill, the ruins of a 120mm artillery battery and the cobbled road called "Pitkä Ikävä" (=long and dreary).

The diversity of the nature is breathtaking and many endangered species of flora and fauna enjoy the conditions on the island. Beautiful fields, archipelago forests and wet meadows kept in the State of Nature are found alongside the trails. The typical species of the island are found on the sand- and gravel beaches. The Örö fortress island belongs to the Archipelago National Park, and has rules to protect the valuable nature, which limits the everymans' right.

Try out Nordic cuisine in the Archipelago atmosphere. From the menu of the Restaurant you will find archipelago and Nordic cuisine with Mediterranean twist. The restaurant can accommodate 100 people so you can relax. Small and larger groups are very much welcome. At Örö you can organise even bigger parties, why not even a wedding in a unique atmosphere.

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