Kimito Church

Kimito Church was first built during the 14th century and rebuilt in the 18th century. The church is one of the oldest stone churches in Finland. Kimito chruch has also functioned in the past as a place for civilian protection and defense.

The interior of the church has changed a lot over the years. The windows have been rebuilt and the floor has been made of every material from sand to asphalt. 

The alter window is designed by Armas Lindgren and tells about the history of the people through important figures. At the bottom of the painting are the three holy kings.The first king who is named Kaspar has Amos Andersson's profile, the builder's son. The king in the middle is the profile of Fredrik Gabriel Hedberg who was the pastor of Kimito's main congregation during the 19th century. The king on the right is know as Sigfrid Forsius who was also a pastor in Kimito during the 17th century and known as the father of the Finnish almanac. 

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