Dalsbruk’s factory/industrial museum

Dalsbruk's factory museum both relates the history of the metal industry and depicts the lives of the factory workers. The museum's small Norrback cottages, which are the old dwellings of the workers, illustrate what their homes and daily lives were like in Dalsbruk during the period 1890-1960s.

Dalsbruk’s factory / industrial museum is a cultural history museum which opened its first basic exhibition in 1983. Today, the museum comprises of 8 buildings, 11 charcoal ovens and a blast furnace. The museum's other buildings concentrate on the history of the ironworks, which dates back to 1686, when the first blast furnace was built in Dalsbruk.

The factory museum is part of Sagalund's children's culture centre, that has a special focus on children's groups. There is a playroom in the museum's exhibition space where children can, for example, play at being market square traders/merchants.

Four times during the summer, a Children's Day is organized at Dalsbruk’s factory Museum and many other events are organised for the whole family during the year.

More information can be found on the website.

The museum is only open during the summer months, other times are possible but require special arrangements.

More information ...

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  • Address Tullbacksvägen 7, 25900 Dalsbruk
  • Phone 1 +358 40 721 9535
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