Dalsbruk´s Museum

Dalsbruk's Museum

Dalsbruk's museum shows the history and development of the metall industry in the villiage Dalsbruk. In the museums small cottages called " Norbacksstugorna" you can experience how the workers in Dalsbruk lived from the 1890's until the 1960's. Dalsbruk's museum is a cultural history museum that opened its first exihibition 1983. Today the museum contains of 8 buildings, 11 "coal ovens" and a blast furnance. In the museums other building the concetration is on the iron making hitory that goes all the way back to 1686, when the first blast furnance was built in Dalsbruk.

The museum is open daily only during the summer months and the rest of the year according to agreement.

More information ...

  • E-mail hans.ginlund@sagalund.fi
  • Address Tullbacksvägen 7, 25900 Dalsbruk
  • Phone 1 +358 40 721 9535
  • Phone 2 +358 2 466 200 +358 2 466 1496