Unforgettable cruises at the Archipelago Sea, Finland!

The Finnish Archipelago Sea is the world's largest archipelago, with over 40.000 islands and skerries stretching from Hanko (Hangö) Penisula in the east to the autonomous Åland islands in the west. The Kimitoön Islands are the gate to the Archipelago Sea when coming from Finland's capital Helsinki and the international Helsinki-Vantaa airport.  

The Archipelago Sights Route

This is a full day cruise during which you will experience the prides of the archipelago Sea, the Rosala Island Viking Center and Bengtskär, the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries.  The cruise boa departs from Kasnäs at Kimitoön and returns there in the afternoon. 

In the Viking Centre you will experience Finland leaving the end of its Iron Age, the mythical Viking Age. Here you will find an entire reconstructed Viking village where you can for instance dress into a Viking warrior's outfit or play games enjoyed already by the Vikings. A delicious lunch is served in the atmospheric Chieftain hall.

Bengtskär is the tallest lighthouse in Scandinavia, and its massive stone walls have witnessed some of the most dramatic events in Finland’s history. On climbing the tower and reaching the top, you’re awarded with a stunning view of the sea. You can explore the lighthouse keeper’s life in bygone days, the battle of Bengtskär and for example archipelago nature at the exhibitions on the lower floors. The lighthouse café offers a delightful setting for afternoon coffee, and the island’s cliffs a chance for relaxing by the sea.

Availability June to August. For more information and bookings, press here!


Spend one or more days on Örö fortress island!

Örö fortress opened for public summer 2015 after 100 years as a military fortress. Here you can experience fantastic nature with nature trails, sandy beaches, military history and full service at the restaurant, hotel, sauna, guest harbour and at the rental of kayaks and bicycles. More about Örö and the service you can read here!

Ships and boat departs from both Kasnäs and Hanko, see Wilson Charter.

Tip! Bring your bicycle. This route is a part of the bicycle route Coastal route ( www.CoastalRoute.fi )


From Örö to Korpoström

In the summer, Aspö Charter travels from Örö to Korpoström every Sunday. You find more information about the route here!


Traditional sailing with Yacht Eugenia

Step onboard adventure on traditional sailing ship Yacht Eugenia on thursdays 4.7, 11.7, 18.7, 25.7 och 1.8.2019! Our crew will introduce you to this magical way of travel and provide you with the opportunity to take part in the actual sailing. You can help hoist the sails and even try your hand at steering the ship. Experience the special moment when the engines turn off, the wind catches the sails, and the ship glides effortlessly across the water. Just listen to swell of the waves, the whisper of the wind and the cracking of the ropes. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to observe birds, wildlife, and beautiful archipelago scenery without distractions or disturbances.

More information: www.eugenia.fi 

The Coastal Route from Kasnäs and Hitis to HaNKO

Take a bike tour along the Coastal Route to Kasnäs or Hitis (Hiittinen). But your bike to the boat and take a beautiful boat tour to Hanko.

More information about the timetables.


Canoeing at Stora Masugnsträsket

You can rent canoes for exploring the lake in Dalsbruk. The nature is wonderful around the lake. The lake is surrounded by rocks and forests. More information here!