Skytent Ecocamp - a experiential experience

SKYTENT ECOCAMP is an experiential and ecological nature turism accommodation. Tentsile Experience Camp is located in four different places in the Kimito Islands.

Skytent Ecocamp offers a memorable nature experience and a million star accommodation. You can choose one or two Skytent Ecocamps places to visit and everything is in order when you arrive to the camp.

The Ecocamps are located in Högsåra, Dalsbruk, Söderlångvik and Kasnäs. The Ecocamps are located in beautiful, peaceful and pristine Finnish nature, but you also find different services at your fingertips.

Skytent Ecocamp is an entity, which includes everything a customer needs for their stay. You will get an tent, "ground" sheet, bedroll, pillow, towel, headlamp, drinking water and lock for the tent when you arrive. You also have the possiblity to rent bikes if you want to.




More information ...

  • Service available Bicycles, Sauna
  • E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Address Metsäkodintie 5 as. 3, 25900 Dalsbruk
  • Phone 1 +358407700065