Storfinnhova Gård

Welcome to the beautiful atmosphere on Storfinnhova Gård!


When you want to offer your guests, your staff, your customers or your friends peace and quiet, closeness to nature and a bit of enchantment - bring them to Storfinnhova Gård! Our staff will work with you to create a package specially tailored to your needs. We believe that after your first visit with us you will be among our customers who choose to return to Storfinnohava Gård again and again.

We are a high-class party, conference, educational and adventure centre in the middle of Kimito Island. We are open year round. The farm is situated in a beautiful old cultural landscape, where the beautiful wooden buildings in a park-like environment will help create a unique atmosphere for all of your events.

The forest village and our famous, underground smoke sauna

Our main attraction is a fantasy-forest village built nearby the estate. In this village, alongside a forest creek a huge underground granite smoke-sauna has been built.  In this enchanting sauna the bather can dip into a refreshing pool formed by the creek which runs through the sauna.

Restaurant philosophy

Our food reflects the changing seasons and the nearby countryside. We source organic and locally grown ingredients whenever possible.


We offer high quality accommodation for both long and shorter stays. Our long term accommodations are spread over three buildings in double rooms for a total of 20 people. All of our houses have a kitchen, living room, bathroom and guaranteed privacy. The more adventurous might want to stay in one of our tree huts in the village forest. The village forest is only 900 meters from the estate. In the area surrounding our famous underground smoke sauna are five hexagonal huts built about two meters up in the trees. Each hut has three beds and the huts can be easily reached by walking up a set of stairs. The huts are well insulated and have floor-heating. We can accommodate 15 people in total in our village forests. Staying overnight in our tree huts is an experience for the adventurous who want to experience what it means to live close to nature. The whole forest village and its enchanted atmosphere is something that should be experienced.

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  • Address Finnhovantie 163
  • Phone 1 +358 400 539 238
  • Number of beds 40


Storfinnhova Gård