Spring in the Archipelago

Spring is a beautiful time of the year in the Finnish archipelago.

The small islands and skerries of the Kimitoön archipelago in the Archipelago Sea offer the first stops for migrating birds arriving to Finland for the summer season. Cranes, geese and swans create a feeling of spring and change with their humming song when passing by over the forests and fields of Kimitoön. Big fields and bird towers are busy with people interested in birdwatching from dusk till dawn. Birdwatching is possible also during darkness, and we highly recommend you to take a little walk in the evening and listen to the mating sounds of owls. In the spring time for instance Söderlångvik Manor organizes morning walks for spotting birds using their song. Eiderduck safaris to Bengtskär lighthouse are organized by Wilson Charter, this is an amazing voyage to the paradise of birds, and spending a day with nesting ducks in this kingdom of birds is an unforgettable experience!


During springtime the sea ice of the archipelago gives way to open sea. You can easily follow the signs of approaching spring from the window of your rental cottage, the nature constantly changes. The guests of for instance Meripesä and Ragnar Anton’s cottage village can rent a boat and try their fishing luck as soon as the sea opens up. Fishing baltic herring is quick and easy in the spring time as they move in huge shoals. Ask more for the best spots from the locals!

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The active ironworks village Dalsbruk by the sea offers plenty to do in the spring season: shorter and longer nature trails invite you to get to know the archipelago nature. Have you tried canoeing on wild lakes or the combination of a sauna and the frozen lake already? Winter swimming season goes on in Labbnäs until mid-April on Tuesdays. Spring at Dalsbruk begins 20.4.2019 at Verkstan, located on Tullbacksvägen with Eastern Market. The venue will be filled with stands selling local delicacies and crafts. The following day it is time for a party, as Ljungborg, the village house of Pederså hosts a local band playing local dance music.

Welcome to Kimitoön!

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