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Sustainable tourism

Sustainability is now an essential part of tourism. Each journey leaves a mark on our lives, but also on the environment. It is up to you how much of a mark you make.

Choose sustainable services

Businesses adapt their services and products to the needs of visitors, and strive to maintain safety and professionalism. Many guest harbours, accommodation providers, restaurants and destinations in the archipelago are committed to sustainable tourism. Their operations are based on sustainable energy solutions and responsible sourcing, and on minimising waste.

Many cafés and restaurants use locally and organically produced ingredients. When you shop at a farm shop, you know where the food comes from. By choosing locally produced food, you are supporting the local economy. Local flavours create good memories that last a long time. More tangible memories, however, can be found at one of the artisans who make both utilitarian and decorative items from renewable local materials

Respect for people

Tourist services are maintained by local operators. Tourism is an important source of income for many people in the archipelago. We want to emphasise the local and take inspiration from the archipelago culture to offer you great experiences.  Everyone is welcome to the archipelago, although we recognise that equitable tourist services require further work from us, for example in terms of accessibility.

Keep nature in mind when you are out and about

Many people want to get out into nature on holiday, so it is good to know what the right of public access (also called everyman’s right) means. The archipelago has several nature conservation areas in which access may be limited to certain areas for the sake of nature. By following the common rules, we can take better care of our environment.

Photo: OneTake Productions

Psst! Did you know that…

…the tourism department at the Municipality of Kimitoön has been certified compliant with EcoCompass as proof that we are working towards a more sustainable future.