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Children’s exercise Urheiluseura Jäntevä

Time: o’clock
Place: Ruukinhalli, Taalintehdas / Brukshallen, Dalsbruk
Address: Einarintie 1 25900 Taalintehdas / Einarsvägen 1 25900 Dalsbruk
Organizer: Gymnastik- och idrottsföreningen Jäntevä
Jäntevä Children’s Gymnastics (2-5 years) is held at Ruukinhallen 5pm – 6pm.
The gymnastics sessions are organized together with the parents (or any other familiar adult accompanying the child).
We have apparatus gymnastics and games on the agenda.
There is a lot of fun and excitement with both easy and slightly more challenging tasks.
Everyone is welcome!