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Boating and guest harbours

Kimitoön is the gateway to the Archipelago Sea. There are both well-known harbours and hidden gems. Do you know the fascinating history of Kejsarhamnen? Have you already visited the excellent harbours at Örö Fortress Island, Kasnäs, Dalsbruk, Högsåra village, Vänö and Nötholmen? Do you know Kalkholmen in Lammala? There are many wonderful options.

Högsåra vierasvenesatama
The guest harbour in Högsåra

Guest harbours

You can find all the guest harbours and their services at
vierasvenesatamat.fi(go to external website). Search for Kemiönsaari to see all guest harbours!

Destinations in the Archipelago National Park

Luontoon.fi(go to external website) contains information about the destinations in the Archipelago Sea and their services.