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Archipelago Natural Luxury 3 days tour

Slow down, live fully – Discover tranquility and sustainable adventure in the Finnish Archipelago.


Experience the thawing season in Southwest Finland and embark on a relaxing three-day trip to Kimitoön archipelago. Over the course of three days, you will get to explore in a small group both the archipelago sea and its unique nature, as well as the authentic Finnish sauna culture. Instead of raising your pulse, this trip offers relaxation and low-tempo activities, but the diverse program guarantees your journey will be anything but boring. The trip includes all transportation at the destination. Transportation to and from the destination, and accommodation are at your own expense, but can be organized upon request. Explore the detailed itinerary below.

Availability: May-September
Ages: 8-80, 4-8 people per group
Duration: 3 days
Live guide: English, Swedish, Finnish
Price: from €990.00 per adult

– Campfire lunch on day 1.
– Light lunch on day 2 & 3.
– Detailed personal itinerary.
– All activities pre booked.
– Small group travel.
– Transportation to all activities.
– Personal support during your stay.

What’s not included:
– Personal expenses and other meals.


Day 1: Calming forest, campfire food, and Finnish sauna

Day 1 is the kickoff towards relaxing days in the archipelago, so that you can experience the energy level and balance of the world’s happiest people! During the day, you will experience forest therapy in addition to moving through nature, and of course, the best of Finnish archipelago culture – sauna and swimming. During the sauna break, you can also enjoy dinner or a drink at your own expense.

Day 2: Archipelago paddling and seal safari

Day 2 starts with a basic schooling in paddling, and you will get all the necessary equipment and safety instructions for your paddling adventure. This sea safari takes you through the rocks and skerries, across the beautiful archipelago to discover untouched nature. You will stop on the way, on an island to spot seals. A light lunch / snacks will be offered. After the seal spotting break you get to continue the paddling back to Ölmos. On the way back to the accommodation, guests have the opportunity to explore and shop for local flavors!

Day 3: Fishing and archipelago landscapes

The last day offers fishing knowledge and experiences in the archipelago! You will get to know different fish species and try fishing in a versatile manner on islets and in bays. The day begins with a brief safety training, after which you will head out in small groups by boat towards the fishing spots. From the catch, a delicious light lunch is prepared over an open fire, accompanied by local seasonal vegetables, and enjoyed with a small local brewery beer tasting during the trip.


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