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Folk musicians on board

Folk Music Sails on Yacht Eugenia

Join us on unforgettable folk music sails with the traditional Yacht Eugenia – enjoy live music and a unique atmosphere!

OHOJ! Folk music sails to Vänö Island on Tuesdays 25.6| 9.7| 30.7| (Kasnäs) and to Vänoxa Island on Tuesdays 2.7| 23.7| 6.8| (Taalintehdas)

Folk music sails start at 10.00 (from Kasnäs guest harbor to Vänö, from Taalintehdas to Vänoxa), with music on board, and touch Vänö/Vänoxa with approx. 3-4 hour stay on the island and return again at 18.00.
On the islands you have the opportunity to see the sights and walk the trails, eat archipelago food and enjoy folk music in a beautiful environment.

Adults: 70€
Children 4-12 years: 35€
Including: sailing + concerts + coffee on board. You can buy lunch on Vänö and Vänoxa.

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Kasnäsintie 1294, 25930 Kemiönsaari


Sopiva kokemus June, July, August.

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