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Villa from north

Villa Ulrika

Villa Ulrika breathes an authentic retro atmosphere of the 1960s! The house can be used all year around and has all the comforts.

Villa Ulrika (about 160 m2) can accommodate also larger groups (6 beds, 9-10 people with extra beds, or 5 people if everyone wants their own room).

The east-south windows of the house have a view of the bay of Västanfjärd. Birdsong is guaranteed on spring mornings and you can spot seabirds on their migration or a sea eagle flying. In summer, you can see cows grazing in the meadow and sheep a short walk away. Starting in midsummer, you can pick the ingredients for a blueberry pie from the nearby forest or look for chanterelles, for example.

You can arrive at Villa Ulrika both by car and by boat (berth place included). It is about two hours by car from Helsinki, one hour from Turku.

There are nice nature trails and a labyrinth in the village. There is a sayin – Everything is a little better in Västanfjärd.” Whether that’s true or not – the village has an old-time peaceful and friendly atmosphere, whether on vacation or staying for remote work. Our guests have said that the village has an old-time “grandmother’s atmosphere”.

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