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Visit Kimitoön

Visit Kimitoön is responsible for tourism in the Municipality of Kimitoön and has the task of developing and marketing Kimitoön as a tourist destination.

A man watching the sea view through binoculars on Vänö island in Kimitoön.

Visitkimitoön.fi and other channels

The Municipality of Kimitoön maintains the tourism website visitkimitoön.fi, and the municipality’s tourism and destination developers are mainly responsible for the content of the website. Local tourism businesses get free exposure of their services, products and events on the website and in the Kimitoön events calendar. Visit Kimitoön is also responsible for updating the Instagram and Facebook channels.

How do I add a product from my company to the website?

Tourism businesses can register and add their products free of charge in the DataHub database maintained by Visit Finland. After that, Visit Kimitoön uploads the product cards from the interface to the visitkimitoön.fi website. You can add accommodation, restaurants, experiences, attractions, meetings or event products to the DataHub. Visit Finland’s content clinics will give you tips on how to fill in the product cards.

Nordic Gravel Series in Söderlångvik.

Kimitoön’s tourism programme 2022–2030

Kimitoön’s tourism programme clarifies Visit Kimitoön’s role and strategic goals up to 2030.

The role of Visit Kimitoön

  1. To promote the attractiveness of the municipality through development and marketing measures.
  2. To collaborate and create conditions for the voluntary and public sectors by promoting employment and increasing sales and tax revenue.
  3. To manage and develop sustainable, digital, year-round tourism and multi-locality.
  4. To coordinate internal and external communication.
  5. To develop and maintain local, regional and international networks.
  6. To manage and develop projects and project funding that support the municipality’s strategy and the objectives of the tourism programme.


Known for its cultural history, national park and hospitality, Kimitoön is an attractive destination and place to live. Tourism and multi-locality are developed responsibly in collaboration with the tourism industry, local residents and owners of holiday cottages.

Strategic objectives

  1. We focus on enhancing the attractiveness of the Kimitoön Islands
  2. The Kimitoön Islands are a year-round tourist destination
  3. Support business growth
  4. Strategic marketing
  5. Strengthen the position of tourism in politics