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Travel back in time to explore the unique cultural history of the Archipelago! Many of the local museums offer fun activities for the whole family.

Dalsbruk Ironworks Museum presents the history of the ironworks and includes eight buildings, eleven charcoal furnaces and a blast furnace from 1686. The museum is part of the Sagalund Children’s Cultural Centre..

Björkboda Lock Museum is a cultural and historical museum that opened in 1979. The museum is located in a worker’s dwelling from the 1840s and presents the history of lock making. The museum displays various locks and fittings and what a worker’s dwelling looked like in the 1970s.

Jungfrusund Museum
in Kejsarhamnen in Högsåra presents the history of the village with a focus on pilotage and imperial visits. 

Söderlångvik Manor presents the life and art collection of patron Amos Anderson in a magnificent setting. The barn, renovated in 1930s style, houses a restaurant.

Bengtskär lighthouse
is a majestic, historically significant building in the outer archipelago. In the lighthouse, built in 1906, you can learn about the Battle of Bengtskär, which took place in 1941, and explore a post-war bunker.

Örö fortress island is a unique place that can be compared to an open-air museum. The whole island radiates military history with its well-preserved barracks, cobblestone roads and Obukhovskii guns.