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Eknäs nature trails

Route information

Lenght Huipun kierto 3 km & Ekniemen kierto 5.5 km
Trail markings: Huipun kierto yellow markings, Ekniemen kierto white markings
Directio: anticlockwisw
Difficulty: hard
Service: fireplace, lookout tower, dy toilet
Start pointt: Eknäsvägen 29

Eknäs nature trails leads you to the unusually wide open cliffs with a breathtaking views. From the car park follow the road towards Degerdal hill. The route splits into a circular route after a demanding climb up stairs. There are two routes: the shorter one Huipun kierto and the longer one Ekniemen kierto. Ekniemen kierto separates from Huipun kierto trail at the lean-to shelter and makes a two kilometers loop before caming back to the shelter and lokk-out tower.

At the top of the mountain there is a lean-to shelter with a fireplace, a dry toilet and a look out tower. Bring your own firewood!