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Högland nature trail

Route information

Lenght: 1.1 km + 0.2 km
Trail markings: white markings
Direction: clockwise
Difficulty: medium
Service: look out tower, table and bench, camping site, fire place, dry toilet, excursion harbour
Start point: Högland 60° 06.2956′, 22° 18.7865′ (WGS 84)

The island has two nature trails. The trails start from the north side of the island, next to the guest quay
in the bay called ”Hemviken”. The short 200 m long trail tells the story of the crofters that lived on the
island and goes around the old croft on the island.
The long trail starts by going up to the observation tower on the hill. The trail continues between the rocks to a valley. Between the hills you can find a small forest field with alders. The last part of the trail goes by the beach and cliffs before it goes back to where it started.

Högland is part of Archipelago National Park. The bay in the northwestern section of the island offers a quay for boaters. For sea kayakers there is a sandy beach that is easy for landing. There is campfire place and camping place near the beach.

Photo: Kim Allen Mersh / Drama Queen