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Kimito trails

Route information

Lenght: 6 km
Trail markings: orange markings
Direction: anticlockwise
Difficulty: normal
Service: information signs, lean-to shelter, pause table, fireplace
Start point: Edvin Wides väg 6, Norrbackvägen 48 (for accessible trail)

Near the centre of Kimito, in the Norrskogen forest, there is an excellent hiking trail for jogging and hiking, mountain biking or for those who just want to take a walk in the forest. You can take a break along the path at the wind shelter, but remember to bring your own firewood! There are boards along the route that shows you hoe to exercise in nature. With the QR code reader that you can easily download to your phone, you can also see the training movements on video. Some of the exercises are done on the ground, so you should bring a gym mat with you.

There is a shorter (0,5 km) accessible trail to lean to-shelter. Handicap parking is located between Jordgubbsstigen road and Norrbacka vägen road.

Naturstig i Kimito