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Söderlångvik gård trails

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Söderlångvik gård offers several marked nature and culture trails.
Start point: Amos Andersonväg 2 , Dragsfjärd

The Mona trail 1,7 km

The Mona Trail starts at the Söderlångvik manor’s parking lot and continues through the park and along the
waterfront and continues through the orchards. There are several charming buildings along the path.

The Ladybug trail 1 km

The Ladybug Trail is enjoyed by hikers of all ages. It takes you to a vantage point. Here you can see two ancient graves from the Bronze Age. From the cliff you can see the entire Söderlångvik estate and the surrounding scenery.

The Park trail 0,9 km

The Park Trail starts at Café Söderlångvik. Along this trail, you can read about the history of Amos Anderson and Söderlångvik Manor.

Trail to Lean-to shelter 5 km

On a high rock, about two kilometres southwest of the Söderlångvik manor there is a lean-to shelter
and a fireplace. The trail leading to the shelter offers a slightly longer trek through island forests and a
breathtaking view from the top of the cliff.

Longer trail (18 km) to the Purunpää continues from the lean-to shelter.