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Discover the archipelago by bike!

On Kimitoön there are several good bicycling routes that connect you to the culture and nature of the archipelago. Take a bike ride around Dragsfjärden or head out into the archipelago to hear the whispers of the Viking Age in Rosala and Hitis. You can take shorter day routes, or the over 200 kilometre long Coastal Route, which is one of the most versatile bicycling routes in southern Finland. The Coastal Route passes through ironworks villages and villages of the archipelago, national parks, and beautiful countryside landscapes.

Image: Sanna-Mari Kunttu

Equipment hire & guide services

Aktiivisen ja vauhdikkaan loman viettäminen edellyttää hyviä välineitä. Kemiönsaaressa voit vuokrata veneen, SUP-laudan, kajakin, kanootin tai polkupyörän! Tässä tietoa yrityksistä, jotka tarjoavat välinevuokrausta.