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Around Dragsfjärden by bike

A cultural bike ride around lake Dragsfjärden

The route offers a a bike tour through three beautiful and interesting cultural environments: experience the coastline attraction of an old Dalsbruk iron work village, Söderlångvik’s stately manor house environment with its gardens and orchards and the little village next to Dragsfjärd’s church on the narrow isthmus between the sea and the lake.

The length of the route is 23 kilometers. The stages can be cycled in any direction and order. The starting point for this route description is the center of Dalsbruk, and the route is described clockwise.

This is a route suggestion. The route is not marked on the terrain.

Photo: Sanna-Mari Kunttu

Stage 1. Dalsbruk – Söderlångvik 7 km

This stage starts in the center of Dalsbruk iron work village, and you begin by cycling along Sabbelsvägen through the area that has come to be known as Hollywood. The route then merges with Söderlångviksvägen at the southernmost tip of lake Dragsfjärden. Continue until you reach the junction with Amos Anderson’s road, from which there is only a short bike ride left to the main buildings of the Söderlångvik manor. Söderlångvik manor was the summer residence of the deceased patrician and landowner Amos Anderson. The farm estate with its apple orchards and nature trails is well worth a visit. The café offers refreshments and restaurant services as well as local delicacies.

Stage 2. Söderlångvik – Dragsfjärd church village 7 km

The Coastal cycle route from Söderlångvik’s estate to the village surrounding Dragsfjärd’s church winds between fields and the shores of lake Dragsfjärden. Along the way, it is worth taking a break in the traditional old farm environment of Dragesgården which belongs to Dragsfjärd’s local historical association. At this location, a settlement has existed ever since the Stone Age.

Soon after you will arrive at the village surrounding Dragsfjärd’s church. In the village shop you can buy provisions, and at the swimming area in Furulund you can take a break and a cool dip in the
lake. If you want to eat an enjoyable meal, Road Café Yttis and Merikruunu offersdelicious food. With your hunger satisfied, you will be ready to visit Dragsfjärd’s church and its beautiful surroundings; a nationally significant cultural landscape.

Stage 3. Dragsfjärds church– Dalsbruk 9 km

The route continues along the undulating road towards Dalsbruk but on the opposite side of lake to the one you have just travelled. Here it is worth choosing enjoyment over speed, and turn to the
left along the sand road Ansvedjavägen.

Just over a hundred meters after you turn right onto Hertsbölevägen, you will find a nature trail sign to Senatsberget on the left side of the road. Leave your bikes in the small parking area, and follow
(the path up the hill. At the top of the mountain you will find a high lookout tower with views of the Archipelago Sea, and a wind shelter with an open camp fire that is perfect as a place to have a rest.
If you want a longer to walk, try the entire Senatsberget Wellness Trail that extends all the way to the center of Dalsbruks.

Before you reach the center of Dalsbruk village by bicycle, you will see on your right the marsh and lake area called Lilla Masugnsträsket. There is a nature trail around this area of Lilla Masugnsträsket.
You can learn more about the historic mill village of Dalsbruk at the ‘Bruksmuseet’ museum and by following the cultural trail Bruksvandringen, which goes all the way around the village. Many pleasant nature trails can be found near the center of Dalsbruk. The shortest of these, the Dalsbruk Nature Trail, is a beautiful walk.