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Vänö nature trails

Route information

Vänö nature trail
Lenght: 2.5 km
Trail markings: red arrows & white markings
Direction: clockwise
Difficulty: medium
Start point: Vänö

Rutten till kapellet
Lenght: 3 km
Trail markings: arrows
Difficulty: easy
Service: beach, dry toilet
Start point: Vänö

The Vänö Nature Trail takes you over a pastureland through a heather moor and a forest. Near the trail on the nort side of the isalnd you can see sheepbacks (Roche moutonnéés) or other rock fromations created by the moving ice during the ice age.

Route to the chapel takes you trough heather fields and juniper moors to the eastern side of the island, where you can find the the Chapel of Vänö and a beautiful sand beach.