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Yxskärs nature trail

Route information

Lenght: 0.8 km
Trail markings: stone crains
Direction: anticlockwise
Difficulty: medium
Service: table and bench, fire place, tent site, dry toilets
Start point: excursion harbour

The beginning of the trail is on the eastern side close to the guest quay. It’s possible to leave the boat in the
guest quay or tied to the cliffs. For kayakers there is a perfect grasscovered beach on the south side of
the island. The trail goes through a rampant, tree-covered glo lake and continues over the hills alongside
the swamp back to the starting point. Information about the nature and the landscape on Yxskär can be
found on the information boards. The everymans’ right is limited on the island as the island is part of the
Archipelago National Park.