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Magical Christmas time on Kimitoön

December on Kimitoön is filled with festive events that put you in a good mood. From markets to concerts and from crafts to treats, there’s something for everyone.

Festive atmosphere

Traditional Christmas Market in Västanfjärd

You can enjoy Christmas markets around the Kimitoön. Västanfjärd’s traditional Christmas Market takes place on 1 of December from 17–19 o’clock at Kalkholmen.

Lillrödjan Christmas boutique

Lillrödjan’s Christmas boutique has gifts for all tastes. The boutique offers everything from handmade crafts to delicacies. The boutique is open 1–20th of December from 11–17 o’clock.

Christmas flavours

Christmas dinner at Labbnäs

At the generous Christmas table at Labbnäs you can enjoy the best aspects of Christmas – delicious flavours and spending time in good company – either over lunch or dinner.

Festive pastime

Christmas crafts in Kimito library

The craft session, which is open to everyone, is a great opportunity to make Christmas decorations and cards for yourself and your loved ones. The activity takes place 4th of December from 13–17 o’clock. The library provides the craft materials.

Christmas crafts are also organised in Västanfjärd and Dalsbruk during December.

Christmas Tour on Hitis-Rosala

The cosy Christmas tour with a diverse programme takes participants to both Hitis and Rosala islands. The tour is held 9th of December from 10–18 o’clock.

Christmas melodies

Charity Christmas concert

For music lovers, there are several festive music experiences available. Jussi and Jonas Lindberg’s charity Christmas concerts raise money for elderly care, among other causes. The concert is performed in four different venues.

You can find all the upcoming Christmas season events taking place on Kimitoön in our events calendar on the Finnish and Swedish sites.