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Summer bucket list

Summer is approaching fast, and what could be a better way to spend it than by heading to the archipelago. Kimitoön and our diverse destinations offer summer activities for all kinds of visitors. Pick your favourite destinations and activities for your summer 2024 bucket list!

Archipelago atmosphere

The archipelago is at its best during the summer time. Kimitoön’s numerous islands offer enough to explore and experience for several trips.


The idyllic atmosphere of Högsåra island is made for a summer trip. Indulge in Farmors Café or enjoy a refreshing drink by the sea at Rumpan Bar(go to external website). The bar also has live music during summer weekends.

Farmors Café(go to external website) | Photo: Marika Goman
Högsåra guest harbour | Photo: Pepe Korteniemi

Bengtskär & Hitis-Rosala

If you want to experience something unique this summer, these are thedestinations for you! On Bengtskär(go to external website) you can see the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic region and in The Rosala Viking Centre(go to external website) you can experience life in the Iron Age. The Archipelago Sights Route Cruise takes you on a day trip to both islands.

At the end of the summer season, on the last day of August, the Night of the Ancients Fires(go to external website) is organized in the Viking Centre.

Photo: Sami Mustonen
On Hitis-Rosala you can experience the authentic archipelago atmosphere.

Archipelago National Park

Explore the beautiful nature and historical sites of the Archipelago National Park on Örö Fortress Island(go to external website). If you want to make your trip extra special, you can sail to Örö with the yacht Eugenia(go to external website).

Eugenia also offers folk music cruises to the islands of Vänö and Vänoxa!

Photo: Jarmo Vehkakoski
You can also meet furry friends in the Archipelago National Park.
Photo: Jaska Poikonen

Cultural experiences

The historic Söderlångvik Manor(go to external website) is an attraction in itself, but during summer time there are plenty of events(go to external website) to attend at the Manor. The newly opened restaurant Amos Krog in Söderlångvik serves delicious food and for dessert you can enjoy ice cream in the café.

The popular Ölmos beach near Söderlångvik Manor is a great place for a refreshing swim or even a full day at the beach.

Photo: Marika Goman
Photo: Jill Karlsson

The Sagalund museum(go to external website) is the perfect summer destination for the whole family! The Living Sagalund event at the end of June offers a program including folk dance performances and workshops. This year, the event celebrates the 180th birthday of teacher and writer Adèle Wenman.

Photo: Heikki Ilaskari

There is plenty to see and do in Dalsbruk throughout the summer. Go on a guided walking tour organized by Dalsbruks Ironworksmuseum(go to external website) to admire the history of the area or spend an evening at Stall’s Bar & Food (go to external website)with live music. Performers this summer include Banda Caribe Helsinki, Walter FM and Juzzman.

You can also enjoy live music in Dalsbruk in early July, when the traditional music festival Baltic Jazz(go to external website) is organized in the historic ironworks environment!

Photo: Cami Moberg-Nordgren

Out in the open

The nature of Kimitoön does not disappoint even in the summer. There are many ways to enjoy the beautiful archipelago, but if you’re looking for a little summer adventure, try rock climbing, kayaking or hiking with huskies!

Photo: Teemu Saloriutta
Photo: Sanna-Mari Kunttu

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