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Västanfjärd by bike

The history of sailing vessels and limestone mines by bicycle

The history of limestone mines in Västanfjärd is several hundred years old and is strongly linked to shipping and shipbuilding. Cycle on and let yourself be swept along by the historical winds.

You choose yourself in which order and in which direction you want to cycle the stages. In this route description, the starting point is the center of Lammala and the route is cycled counterclockwise. The length of the route is about 25 km and returns you to the starting point.

This is a route suggestion. The route is not marked on the terrain.

Stage 1. Lammala–Kyrkbacken 5 km

You can fill your picnic basket at Knallis shop in the center of Lammala. The shop has been owned and run by the same family since 1896, and the shop’s museum on the upper floor has attractions from nearly 120 years of the shop’s existence. In the library paintings of locally built ships are on display.

The route continues along Västanfjärdsvägen from which you can detour and experience Lammala’s nature trail and its fantastic mountain top view. If you have not yet had enough walking, continue on to Sirnäsvägen. From there, there is a signposted route that goes to the stone labyrinth (”Maiden’s ring”/ ”Troy town”).

From Sirnäsvägen you turn onto Kyrksvängen. Here you will find the old and new churches of Västanfjärd side by side. From the ring route, you can also turn off to the harbor at Kalkholmen. There you will find information boards relating the area’s limestone history. The old lime kiln ruins have been
restored and used for the staging of public events

Stage 2. Lammala–Gräggnäs 10 km

From Lammala, the journey continues along Västerillovägens and Gräggnäsvägen’s more rugged landscape. Along the way, you will see beautiful gardens before you reach Gräggnäs swimming beach. This is good place to have a picnic break. Formerly, there was a steamboat jetty here on the beach and the area used to be very lively.

Stage 3. Gräggnäs–Brännboda 7.5 km

From the swimming beach, the journey continues – first along Gräggnäsvägen and then along Gruvsvängen. As this road name indicates, there have been limestone mines in this area. Limestone mining and burning were important industries from the 17th century up to the 1950s. After Gruvsvängen you come to Västerillovägen and you follow this to the old elementary school in Brännboda. There you can enjoy lunch or coffee.

Stage 4. Brännboda–Lammala 3 km

The journey continues through the arable landscape around Brännboda to Sundvikvägen and back to the center of Lammala. During this leg of the journey, it is worthwhile keeping your eyes open for the bird life, especially during spring and autumn, as migrating swans and goose flocks often rest in the fields.