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Söderlångvik Manor – nature experiences and personal history in Amos Anderson’s summer residence

Söderlångvik Manor tells the story of the parliamentarian, businessman and patron of the arts Amos Anderson. The magnificent house contains a museum of art and personal history. The estate also has extensive apple orchards, large wooded areas and nature trails. Söderlångvik’s country house environment offers a variety of experiences for the whole family.

Söderlångvikin kartanon sali.

The main character in the story of Söderlångvik, the owner of the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet and member of parliament for the Swedish People’s Party of Finland, Amos Anderson, was born in Kimito in 1878. Anderson bought Söderlångvik Manor as his summer residence in 1927. The estate has been open to the public as a museum of art and personal history since 1965.

The museum in the great white house tells the story of how the boy from Brokärr became a media mogul in Helsinki, while at the same time pursuing a career as a Member of Parliament and a major investor. Visitors also learn about Anderson’s great interest in culture and the factors that led to the founding of the Föreningen Konstsamfundet art society. 

The art exhibition in the main building is renewed every year before the summer. The exhibition includes over a hundred works from the Amos Rex art museum collections. The art exhibitions continue with contemporary art in the estate buildings and Amos Krog.

Experiences for the whole family – and for businesses

Söderlångvik Manor is more than a museum of art and personal history. The exhibitions are supplemented by concerts, local food events and other cultural activities. The programmes includes theatre, classical music, pop and jazz music and workshops.

The main event, Apple Day, is held at the end of September, when huge numbers of apples have been harvested from the orchards. At the harvest festival, visitors can buy different varieties of apples and apple products from the estate and enjoy music and cultural activities for the whole family.

Söderlångvik is located by the sea and is also accessible by sea. M/S Alva runs a service between Söderlångvik and Dalsbruk in the summer. There are several nature trails around the estate and the Söderlångvik apple orchard is also worth a visit. Söderlångvik offers accommodation and meeting rooms for companies, groups and individuals. 

Apple day at Söderlångvik Manor. Photos: Cata Portin

Local delicacies

Amos Krog’s lunches and pastries are made largely from the estate’s own produce and that of nearby producers. Lunch is served daily during the summer season. Picnic baskets are available for sale for those who want to enjoy their coffee in the open air – the nature trail lean-to and the estate’s well-trimmed lawns are some of the favourite spots for picnicking.

In Söderlångvik’s direct sales shop, Glassgaraget, you’ll find the estate’s own products, such as apple ice cream, apple juice, apple jam and honey. In the shop you can also buy other local produce such as jewellery, textiles and artisan food products.